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Q&A with QuantumRhino’s CIO + Managing Partner, Marin Ursu


This article originally appeared in the CIO Applications: Robotic Process Automation Edition

Q: Could you walk us through the journey of QuantumRhino? CIO Article Post (1)

A: We started our journey in 2019 as a managed-service provider, primarily focused on Salesforce integrations and implementations. However, we recently defined two distinct capabilities with dedicated teams, each focusing on technology and software integration consulting and custom product development.

Our custom product development division operates as a SaaS provider and has successfully developed and launched two products to market in the last 12 months: one for Salesforce and the other for our partner, Nintex, a process, and automation technology vendor. We are also currently developing our third product, which is a transaction management system that multiple industry verticals will utilize to help automate and simplify their business processes.


Q: What sparked the diversification initiative of QuantumRhino?

A: When we started QuantumRhino, many clients were approaching us to implement their pre-planned solutions, and our primary focus as a managed-service provider was addressing those very specific, and individual, business needs. Over time, we realized that without a comprehensive understanding of clients’ business processes, we were implementing a solution that would need to be upgraded sooner rather than later, when other aspects of the client’s business continued to grow and their current tech stack was not scalable.

This realization drove us to start inspecting all facets of our clients' businesses and asking crucial questions to determine the root cause of their issues. QuantumRhino's business-first approach enables us to understand how the client's initial concern affects their entire business and allows us to recommend a holistic solution that aligns with their strategies and goals. The initial success of this process drove us to build a team of Business Relationship Managers (BRMs) who are responsible for understanding the clients' priorities and challenges and who serve as liaisons between the client's stakeholders and the QuantumRhino delivery team.

With our business-first approach, we saw our solutions prove to be more fruitful than clients' self-planned ones and, ultimately, save costs for the client by eliminating the need for rework a few months down the road when another issue would arise. We have also seen a change in our clientele; because of the knowledge base we have built and our domain expertise, clients have begun to regard us as trusted advisors because they know we will get the job done right the first time.


Q: Please give us an overview of your clients and the challenges that they face.

A: We typically serve clients across three sectors: real estate, homebuilding, and legal. All of these industries have their own requirements and challenges for automating business processes. For example, when providing solutions to a real estate client, many of our projects focus on CRM implementation and automating their quote-to-cash process. Homebuilders and legal teams, however, quickly find their traditional out-of-the-box software fails to meet the specific requirements of the modern marketplace. For these clients, we serve them best by developing custom solutions based on their specific needs and business processes.

One past project included automating the pre-filling of real estate contracts from the client's ERP and CRM systems. We developed an automated CPQ process to capture multiple quotes with real-time pricing data and eventually processed the agreed-upon quote to close a sale. In another example, we implemented an automated accounts-payable system that processes over 14,000 invoices per month, allowing the client to reduce an AP staff of 30+ to 9 and redistribute the remaining employees to other understaffed accounting positions.


Q: How are QuantumRhino's customized solutions designed?

A: At a high level, we take our clients through a journey of envisioning their future state, creating a technology strategy to align with their business strategy, designing the solution, and then delivering accordingly. By doing this, we align both long and short-term goals and key metrics. This methodology allows us to learn all we can about the client and their priorities. We present our recommended solution to the client to ensure they feel good about the solution and gain approval for their next steps, which involves the development and implementation teams.

It’s always been important to us that QuantumRhino remains a technology-agnostic company. That means we are able to provide our clients with a solution that will bring their optimal outcome and doesn’t rely on a particular piece of software. When developing a solution, we run it through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to ensure the highest quality, and the lowest cost, in the shortest time possible.


Q:Who are QuantumRhino’s business partners?

A: Our technology platform partners include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Salesforce. We compliment them with a diverse set of automation, integration, collaboration, marketing, and sales technology vendors.


Q: What are the factors that differentiate QuantumRhino from its competitors?

A: The people who make up the QuantumRhino team definitely set us a notch above the rest. Through our business model, we don't have Business Analysts or Project Managers; instead, we have Business Relationship Managers who play a vital role in evolving our culture, building key partnerships, driving value, and addressing challenges. Our team prides itself on holistically understanding clients' business processes and recommending software solutions. Furthermore, our team's cutting-edge technologies and solutions make our products future-proof and resolve multiple issues under a single roof.


Q: How do you envision the future roadmap of QuantumRhino?

A: QuantumRhino is focusing on maintaining a center of excellence around our processes to deliver the highest quality solutions to our clients and growing product development with additional licensed solutions. Additionally, our goal is to automate diverse business processes alongside our partners and grow the firm so that we can deliver more positive impact through technology to more clients.